More Dynamics CRM 2016 Details Announced

Microsoft continues to announce new features that will be available on Dynamics CRM 2016.  This release is positioned to make Dynamics CRM the leading CRM solution for businesses of all sizes.

Some of the features that were announced include focus on the following key areas:

Enhanced Engagement Center Experiences — new interactive service hub for customer service agents that can be uniquely tailored to provide speedy resolutions to customer requests.  This together with real-time dashboards will allow agents and organisations the capability to define prioritisation rules that in turn will lead to enhanced service levels.

Improved Service Intelligence — With this release enhanced intelligence and insight in customer service analytics driven intelligence with a native knowledge management system in CRM.  This means that users can easily access information that will help resolve customer issues faster.

Expanded Customer Engagement — Dynamics CRM 2016 give companies a way to capture customer signals and sentiment from the market by giving tools that allows customers to communicate and give feedback back to the organisation using easy-to-use, mobile-enabled interfaces that simplifies the process for the customers.  Social channels are leveraged using Azure Machine Learning to instantly track and analyse sentiment via Microsoft Social Engagement which allows direct interaction with customers via social channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

We will keep you informed as new information comes out.  Contact us to find out more

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