Cloud Solutions

Cyber-Eagle’s Cloud Solutions gives you the freedom to focus more on your business and less on the “nuts and bolts” that run your applications.  We provide a flexible platform that will cater to the demands of your organisation.  Need more storage or need processing power?  Easy. A new employee has joined and you need new licenses? Not a problem.  Instead of buying, investing, and depreciating hardware, you now only need to work with minimal capital budgets and can ramp-up servers in a few hours instead of days to weeks.  What was traditionally a CAPEX in now an OPEX.

Moving to the cloud will be especially advantageous to organisations with limited IT staff and resources.  IT Maintenance and infrastructure expenses are reduced and can then be provisioned for revenue-generating activities.

Cyber-Eagle Management provides Microsoft Dynamics Cloud-hosted solutions for running your organisation.  We can give you a fully hosted, cloud-based Microsoft IT Platform to run your business.

Our solutions can be provisioned quickly and there is no major capital investment required to get started.  Contact us now to find out how.

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