Integrate your Phone System with Dynamics CRM

Although it may appear as an unnecessary investment, integrating Dynamics CRM with the business communication system increases productivity and efficiency of team members. Take for example your customer service team.  When a call comes in, the related customer account record that matches the caller ID is automatically opened and presented.  All the important customer information is immediately available and even possibly before the call is answered.

The call is automatically logged as an activity and can allow the user to enter details about the call. During the call tasks can be created for follow-up activities and a confirmation email to the caller can automatically be sent.

In cases when a call comes in from a number that could not be matched with any of the customer records, a new lead or an un-validated account can be created and a form can be presented with the important information that users need to get from the caller.  The new records can be assigned for a team to verify.

Click-to-call paired with a good headset is another great time saver for making a lot of calls.  The calls are initiated from within a CRM record without the need of picking up the phone and dialling the number.  All call records can be automatically created against the Account, Lead, Opportunity, or Case and eliminates the possibility of the someone forgetting to log the call in the system.

Beyond telephony, Lync and Skype for Business chat conversations can also be archived against a CRM record.  All of this put together helps improve interactions with customers and increasing the productivity of the business.

Talk to us to integrate Dynamics CRM with your phone and communications system.

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