Integration - EDI

EDI integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a way for businesses to exchange transactional information such as orders, invoices, shipping notices and more. At a high level, EDI is a three-step process:

  • Gather data
  • Translate data into an EDI format
  • Transmit formatted data to business partners

Transmission can use either a direct, point-to-point connection or an EDI service provider’s value-added network (VAN).

Eagle360’s comprehensive EDI extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to connect your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with your trading partners’, offering key capabilities including:

  • Load sales orders from trading partners into Business Central
  • Send sales order acknowledgements if you have enough stock on hand
  • Send invoices to customers when their orders have shipped
  • Send advance shipping notices to customers when their orders are marked completed
  • Confirm sales order shipment
  • Scan packing functionality
  • Generate GS1-compliant SSCC labels

Eagle360 has significant experience with EDI and integration with many ERP systems. We help small and large organisations alike to take advantage of the time and cost savings an effective EDI solution can offer.

Making EDI simple

In concept, EDI is simple, but in practice, it can be complex to deploy. Different organisations have different data requirements and different preferences for data sharing. But for end-users, none of this matters: they want to see orders flowing through their ERP system without delay or difficulty.

Eagle360 takes the pain out of the process. Our team has experience working with small and large companies alike, and we operate a VAN for fast and secure data transfers. Our solution connects many different ERP systems, and we can create custom connectors as needed. It’s a complete, end-to-end solution encompassing:

  • Integration
  • Document mapping
  • Labels
  • Connectivity
  • Messages back to your trading partner

Get connected fast

The last thing any business wants is downtime or an ERP system that’s not delivering the services and functions it needs. EDI systems need to deploy quickly, update frequently and operate easily. Eagle360’s modular and highly customisable EDI solution deploys fast. Our experienced team can quickly execute any required changes, providing full functionality in the shortest deployment window possible.


Eagle360 offers a specialised full implementation service.

We bring a holistic approach to every engagement, with a business overview as our starting point. We explore your software needs and also review your strategic goals, the state of your industry and any relevant technology trends.

Based on this analysis, we’ll create a solution that considers not just your current business needs but also your likely future challenges and opportunities.

Implementation typically takes between one and six months. We’ll fully integrate your new software with your existing systems and provide ongoing support. We can advise on future solutions as required.

Finally, we offer cybersecurity services to protect your business against external threats.

Contact us todayto learn more about how Eagle360 can help your business succeed.

For more information on how Eagle360 can help your business see success, contact us today.