Microsoft Power Platform

A unified platform for intelligence, apps and workflows

All modern businesses generate data, but not all of them are putting it to good use. Microsoft Power Platform is a set of interlocking tools that can help any business to analyse its data and generate business intelligence (BI); build apps to harness that data and intelligence; and automate processes and workflows to maximise the data’s usefulness.

Best of all, Power Platform connects seamlessly with hundreds of enterprise resource planning (ERP) packages and apps, including Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Azure. End-to-end business solutions have never been easier to build, faster to integrate or a more effective source of competitive advantage.

Here’s an example. You may be getting good value from your standard monthly sales report. But with Power Platform, your sales data is just the starting point:

  • Power BI allows you to generate new reports on the fly, combining and visualising data however you like. View sales by product, territory, team or delivery provider, alone or in combination? No problem.
  • Power Apps then lets you create a custom app for your sales and delivery teams. They can view coming appointments, schedule deliveries and update on outcomes, with all data and transactions being sent to your ERP system.
  • Power Automate can take the data from your custom app and automatically update other systems, so customer queries, re-stock orders and even maintenance requests are all instantly available and actionable.

Eagle360’s team has been working with Microsoft Power Platform and its components (Power Business Intelligence, Power Apps and Power Automate) for years. We know it’s a great way to run your business, and we know how it can make your business faster, smarter, more competitive and more secure.

Generate usable business intelligence

Modern businesses generate a constant stream of information. Savvy businesses use analytics to discover hidden patterns and connections in their data, generating practical, usable business intelligence.

Microsoft Power BI puts enterprise-grade analytics tools in your team’s hands with smart, self-service tools to sift, sort and view data. It’s tightly integrated with Microsoft Excel and includes data visualisations, built-in AI, prebuilt and custom data connectors. Best of all, it protects your data and the intelligence you’ve generated from it with sensitivity classification and advanced data loss prevention capabilities.

Embrace app creation

Good businesses empower their team members to offer feedback and make suggestions for improvement. Great businesses give them the tools to solve problems and create apps for themselves.

Microsoft Power Apps makes it easy for your team to build apps with a drag-and-drop interface and template library, pre-built AI components and fast deployment capabilities. While it makes app creation accessible, with no coding expertise needed, it also includes tools to let developers extend apps and connect them to your existing systems.

Automate processes and workflows

When apps and systems share information and update each other automatically, business efficiency soars. Customers and staff alike benefit from having accurate, up-to-date information synchronised across systems and processes.

Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) is an automation platform that lets your business reduce its reliance on manual tasks. It integrates with hundreds of services and apps and includes user interface flows and robotic process automation capabilities.

Make Business Central your platform

Microsoft Power Platform lives up to its name by putting the power in your hands. Get the best value out of your data, build apps that make a difference to your customers and team members, and automate your processes to simplify operations, reduce costs and eliminate errors.


Eagle360 offers a specialised full implementation service.

We do a holistic overview of your business, starting with your software needs, but also encompassing your wider company goals and the future of your particular industry. Based on this analysis, we'll advise you on a solution that takes into account not just your current business needs but those you'll encounter in the future as well.

Implementation can take between one and six months, and we can ensure the software is fully integrated into your existing systems. And it doesn't stop there. We provide ongoing support, and can advise on future solutions as you require them.

Finally, we also offer a range of cybersecurity services to ensure that your business - including your Microsoft Dynamics software - is fully protected from any external threats. This is all part of the holistic approach that we believe is so integral to the successful implementation of business intelligence systems.

For more information on how Eagle 360 can help your business see success, contact us today.

For more information on how Eagle360 can help your business see success, contact us today.