What can AI do for your business?

AI and business just might be a match made in heaven. With the emergence of accessible, affordable and effective AI technologies, even non-technical ‘civilian’ users are getting in on the act. The difference, it seems, has been generative AI. ‘Traditional’ or ‘narrow’ AI systems rely on structured data and rules. They understand how a system[…]

Introducing Unifii360 AI Support: The Future of Business Central Assistance

Eagle360 Consulting is thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: the “Unifii360 AI Support” app for Business Central. Designed with the user in mind, this state-of-the-art application promises to redefine the way businesses experience level 1 and 2 support. Why Unifii360 AI Support? Now in Australia and New Zealand! We’re excited to announce that our app is[…]

NFPs need systems and apps – and Microsoft is here to help

In the ever-changing landscape where not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) operate, robust, adaptable and efficient IT solutions are more critical than ever. NFPs are grappling with limited government funding, a rising cost of living and a fiercely competitive job market. Eagle360 Consulting’s support is steadfast and we offer tailored solutions to propel NFPs towards achieving their missions[…]

Nano tools use neurosciencce to improve productivity

Nano tools and neuroscience

Eagle360 isn’t really a technology company. Our goal is to help individuals and organisations improve their performance – we just happen to focus on technology as the best way to do it. Recently, we’ve been exploring how to incorporate neuroscience with technology to better our – and our clients’ – performance. Nano tools are a[…]

Robotic process automation concept

Rise of the (software) robots: MS, RPA and you

Let’s not get over-excited: we’re talking about software robots, not mechanised machines. Robotic process automation (RPA) systems use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate business processes and other routine tasks. The idea is to free workers from basic data-handling duties so they can concentrate on higher-value jobs that require human judgment, creativity[…]

Digital hand hologram on dark background

Get connected with Microsoft’s AI plugins

Graphical user interfaces began their march to dominance in the eighties, with command-line systems falling from favour in the face of new technologies from Xerox, Apple, Atari and IBM, among others. Now, some forty years later, we’re on the cusp of another user interface revolution, thanks to rapidly advancing generative AI systems and their promise[…]

Image of a digital cloud with connections to a network

Microsoft, AI and security: what you should know

As we’ve seen in our last few blogs, Microsoft’s new AI-powered products offer businesses significant advantages over other alternatives. However, many people are concerned about how AI systems can integrate with existing processes and workflows, how they handle user and other data, and how they protect user data and privacy. Microsoft is cognisant of all[…]

AI security is here: Meet Microsoft Security Copilot

We all know cyber security is an arms race between attackers and defenders. It’s a race that, all too often, the attackers win. Microsoft aims to help organisations beat the odds by introducing Microsoft Security Copilot. It combines a large language model with Microsoft’s security-specific language mode. The model includes specific security skills, and Microsoft’s[…]