NFPs need systems and apps – and Microsoft is here to help

In the ever-changing landscape where not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) operate, robust, adaptable and efficient IT solutions are more critical than ever. NFPs are grappling with limited government funding, a rising cost of living and a fiercely competitive job market. Eagle360 Consulting’s support is steadfast and we offer tailored solutions to propel NFPs towards achieving their missions with greater efficacy and innovation. Here’s how we can assist:

Navigating the challenges with Eagle360 Consulting

NFPs face many operational hurdles, akin to other organisations, but with a unique set of complexities. The responsibilities are vast, from managing human resources and payroll to ensuring seamless online services and safeguarding data privacy. Moreover, the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) is working to simplify financial reporting requirements, indicating that NFPs must have adaptable systems ready to integrate new procedures seamlessly.

Eagle360 Consulting understands these intricacies and offers bespoke solutions that are easy to deploy and facilitate seamless data sharing between different functions and third-party applications. Our expertise in process mapping and developing low-code and no-code platforms means NFPs can enjoy data-driven fundraising without the hassle of complex IT setups.

Microsoft’s tailored solutions: A gateway to efficiency

Microsoft has likewise been a steadfast ally for NFPs, offering many solutions to meet their unique needs. From grants and discounts to regular training events, Microsoft is committed to empowering NFPs to use technology to its fullest potential.

Eagle360 Consulting takes this a step further by integrating key Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365 into a cohesive system that meets all the requirements of modern NFPs: security, flexibility, and ease of use.

Our expertise in deploying automations, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for payables invoicing and Power BI dashboards for data analysis, can provide NFPs with actionable insights.

Unveiling the benefits with Eagle360 Consulting: Unified financial management

Financial management is the cornerstone of any successful organisation and perhaps even more so for NFPs. Eagle360 Consulting uses Microsoft Business Central to offer a comprehensive suite of financial management tools that include:

  • General Ledger and Accounting: Integrated ledger systems with multi-currency support and advanced account schedules.
  • Automated Financial Processes: Streamlining financial operations with automated tax calculations and bank reconciliation.
  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Tools that facilitate flexible budgeting and variance analysis, aiding in precise financial planning.
  • Cash Flow Management: Real-time analysis and liquidity forecasts to prioritise payments effectively.
  • Fixed Assets Management: Comprehensive asset tracking with maintenance scheduling and depreciation calculations.
  • Cost Accounting: Advanced cost analysis with integrated cost centres and cost objects.

More benefits: Low-code development for NFPs

Eagle360 Consulting uses Microsoft’s Power Apps platform, enabling NFPs to develop customised apps without extensive coding knowledge. This means:

  • In-House App Creation: Save time and reduce costs.
  • Boosted Productivity: Streamlined app development processes.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Simplified app maintenance and updates.
  • Empowered Non-Technical Teams: No coding expertise? No problem.
  • Accelerated Digital Transformation: Meet the evolving demands of users and stakeholders.

Dynamics 365: The all-in-one solution

Beyond app development, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a holistic business management platform. It offers data connectivity, process management, automation, financial reporting, supply chain management, and more, all tailored to the needs of NFPs.

The Eagle360 advantage

With Eagle360 Consulting and Microsoft’sMicrosoft’s platforms, NFPs can benefit from:

  • Transparency: Build trust through transparent financial operations.
  • Efficiency: Focus on the core mission by reducing manual tasks and errors.
  • Compliance: Stay updated with financial regulations.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Utilise real-time data for informed decisions.

NFP-specific rates

To mirror Microsoft’s offer in licensing, Eagle360 Consulting has also created an NFP-specific pricing schedule that helps NFPs implement solutions at a reasonable cost. This is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for doing what you do. Please contact us to learn more about our NFP pricing today.

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