AI security is here: Meet Microsoft Security Copilot

We all know cyber security is an arms race between attackers and defenders. It’s a race that, all too often, the attackers win.

Microsoft aims to help organisations beat the odds by introducing Microsoft Security Copilot. It combines a large language model with Microsoft’s security-specific language mode. The model includes specific security skills, and Microsoft’s global threat intelligence, which includes more than 65 trillion signals daily, sits behind it.

Its purpose is to run as an aide for security analysts. It includes collaboration and automation features like a pinboard for workers to share information.

Running on Azure’s hyperscale infrastructure, it’s an enterprise-grade, privacy-compliant solution that uses its language models to create new skills. It can even catch incidents and alerts that other approaches cannot detect.

Copilot accepts natural language requests and commands so that users can ask for a summary of incidents, reports on specific vulnerabilities, URLs or code snippets. They can also ask for information from other security tools and summarise information into PowerPoint slides.

Another key feature is its prompt book. This automation feature allows users to bundle a series of commands into a single button or prompt, saving time and freeing users to concentrate on higher-value tasks.

The system saves all requests and responses for audit purposes and provides sources for all its results in case further investigations are needed.

Copilot is also a closed-loop learning system with a complex feedback system. It can learn from its mistakes and give more practical responses as it adapts to your organisation.

Best of all, Copilot is fully integrated with other Microsoft security products. It also features enterprise-grade compliance and security to protect user privacy and optimise incident responses, collaboration and information-sharing.

Copilot’s key capabilities

Microsoft’s blog post announcing Security Copilot lists five ‘unrivalled security capabilities’, including:

  • Ongoing access to the most advanced OpenAI models to support the most demanding security tasks and applications
  • security-specific model that benefits from continuous reinforcement, learning and user feedback to meet the unique needs of security professionals;
  • Visibility and evergreen threat intelligence powered by your organisation’s security products and the 65 trillion threat signals Microsoft sees every day to ensure that security teams are operating with the latest knowledge of attackers, their tactics, techniques, and procedures;
  • Integration with Microsoft’s end-to-end security portfolio for a highly efficient experience that builds on the security signals;
  • A growing list of unique skills and prompts that elevate the expertise of security teams and set the bar higher for what is possible even under limited resources.

AI security risks? Contained.

Microsoft knows it must develop and deliver its AI systems safely and responsibly. To that end, it has embraced three data-handling principles:

  • Your data is your data. It’s yours to own and control and yours to choose how you want to leverage and monetise.
  • Your data is not used to train or enrich foundation AI models used by others – no one beyond your organisation is benefiting from AI trained on your data or business processes.
  • Your data and AI models are protected at every step by the most comprehensive enterprise compliance and security controls in the industry.

Cybercriminals aren’t waiting around – and neither should you

With the speed, sophistication and savagery of cyber-attacks increasing, businesses need new technologies to defend their staff, stakeholders and data. They also need the best and brightest cyber-security professionals to help protect their businesses.

Copilot can help on both fronts. Its AI capabilities allow it to simplify responses by synthesising data from many sources into practical, actionable intelligence and respond fast – in minutes rather than hours.

On the human side, Copilot supports your security team members and allows them to intervene where they can have the most impact. It also offers instructions and learnings to help human team members improve their skills.

You can watch the Microsoft Security Copilot demo here. If you’d like to learn more, including how we can help you assess your security needs and whether Copilot can help your business, contact us today.

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