Office space? Yes please!

We’ve moved. It matters. Here’s why.

We like building things here at Eagle360. Things that have value. Things that last. It’s not easy, and that’s why we’ve got one of the best Microsoft development teams in the country sharing
ideas, insights and … office space.

We can’t give away all the secrets to our success, but here’s one: building and deploying world-class solutions isn’t just about having the best people. It’s also about having enough experience across a range of industries, solutions and platforms to understand when you can go off-the-shelf and when you need to come up with something extra.

That’s where our clients come in. Thanks to our diverse client list, we can draw on successful implementations across companies of all types and sizes, from Fashion to Food and many stops between.

Our ability to ‘cross-pollinate’ shouldn’t be underestimated. It frees our team to explore different approaches to clients’ challenges and demands. They can work freely and use the solution that will work best, not just the one they used last time, and the time before that, and the time before that …

Let’s get physical

Another thing we’ve found is that office space matters. We’d filled our old office but wanted more space. We all know that your physical environment has a significant influence on your ability to do good work. We needed to give our team room to breathe, to think, to talk and to collaborate.

That required more space than we had, so just before Christmas, we moved our Sydney office down the road, from Crows Nest to North Sydney.

Our new space is terrific. We’ve all settled in and the team is loving the new surroundings. An extra benefit is that we’ve got more meeting space. So if you’d like to drop in, or if we’ve asked you to come in for a meeting to discuss challenges, solutions and new approaches, you’ll find there’s plenty of room for brainstorming.

Getting better all the time

Ultimately, the reason why we needed more space is growth. We’ve been on a strong trajectory, taking on new clients and new staff to make sure our service remains top-notch.

It’s a feat we’re proud of, in an intensely competitive market with several great providers. It’s a tribute to our team and to the faith our customers place in us.

We’re committed to repaying that faith by continuing to provide world-class service and solutions. We’d love to add your business to our family, so why not drop by for a chat to discuss your needs and see if we can make a difference?

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