Business Central – “Wave 2” 2019 release

A major set of new features is incoming for Dynamics 365 Business Central. These are due for release in October 2019, and include enhancements to the user interface and experience, application enhancements and application lifecycle management improvements.

There is a very large list of features, and the following are those that we are most looking forward to:

  • Multi-tasking across multiple pages

    This allows for the user to work on multiple tasks at the same time in different windows for a single company.   It also allows for windows for different companies simultaneously.   There is a new colourful “company badge” indicator to allow  the user to easily figure out which window represents a given company.

  • Full keyboard shortcut support

    Developers can now add keyboard shortcuts to actions, allowing for greater user productivity.

  • Data entry speed and agility improvements

    There have been major improvements in this area through a combination of productivity features, raw performance and a responsive experience.

  • The ability to save and personalise list views

    This will allow users to save list filters and other personalisations.
    The views roam with the user no matter which device they are using.

  • Resize columns with fewer clicks

    This process has been made a lot easier, and the changes roam with the user on all their devices.

Refer to this page on the Microsoft website for a complete listing and full details.

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