Is Your Business Data Secure?

While not frequently reported on in the media, it is common to hear of cyber attacks on ERP Systems. Unfortunately this has remained a largely ignored part in the cyber-security space. Many businesses have suffered in the past 10 years and some forced into bankruptcy due to cyber-attacks. While some businesses continue to focus on saving license fees by allowing users to share logins, the cost of recovery from cyber attacks can cost the business its position in the market and sometimes the trust of customers. At Eagle360 Consulting we pride ourselves in providing the most secure Azure servers,Microsoft Dynamics 365 and a Cyber Security framework that helps all parties to understand the roles and responsibilities in keeping the organisation’s data secure. Most decision makers in business are afraid to make the bold move from traditional companies like Oracle or SAP however as the story below shows, having a secure environment is reliant on meaningful collaboration between vendors and customers and a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities including education of end users.


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