Dynamics CRM Web Portals get a boost with acquisition of ADXStudio Inc.

People are increasingly using Web portals to check the status of their orders, get a copy of their statement, or find help for a product.  From recent experiece, logging in to a web portal is more preferrable to login to the web than to pick up the telephone, wait in a call queue, and try to explain what I need help with.  Using web portals, companies are increasing customer service satisfaction and engagement. It also allows customer communities to be created and helps give companies relevant feedback about their products and services.

With the acquisition of ADXStudio, Microsoft takes another step to make the Dynamics CRM offering even stronger.  ADXStudio Web portals are built natively on Dynamics CRM which allows companies to easily extend their sales and customer service initiatives.  These portals are easily deployed for both the on-premise or online versions.

ADXStudio Web portals have pre-built feature-rich solutions for Retail, Partner Channel Management, Customer Service Communities, and the Public Sector. It provides a quickstart solution that can be quickly implemented and immediately released.

Click here for more information about ADXStudio Web portals.

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