Surface Pro 4 Vs iPad Pro

The tablet-notebook devices getting segment has gotten hotter with the launch of the iPad pro which appears to be directly aimed at Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4.  Microsoft was ground-breaking when they launched the Surface Pro with that keyboard cover and now it looks like Apple wants a slice of that pie.

Let’s do a quick comparison of these two beautiful devices and see if one gets ahead of the other.

Surface Pro 4

iPad Pro

Screen Size



Display Resolution

267 ppi

264 ppi







Trackpad Support



USB Host




Windows 10

iOS 9

MicroSD Expansion




8MP Rear

5MP Front

8MP Rear

1.2MP Front



128GB WIFI with a stylus


32GB WIFI without a stylus

Design-wise, both are beautiful but the iPad Pro looks a bit better with its thinner profile.

Feature-wise, it appears that the Surface Pro 4 comes ahead with options that make it a very flexible device.  The USB port that you can use to attach flash memory, a camera, a mouse, etc just offers so much expansion options.  In the end though, it’s about how you wish to use the device.  For occasional consumption of media and for basic tasks, the iPad Pro does the job, but beyond that, the Surface Pro 4 just offers more.  It runs a full version of Windows 10 that works so well both as a tablet or as a laptop.  Take for example software like Photoshop, AutoCAD, or Microsoft Office 2016.  Yes you could run app versions of these software on the iPad Pro but no way are you going to run the full version on these on it.  The Surface Pro 4 though would not have any problems running these software.  Fancy running a games like Grand Theft Auto V or use your Steam Subscription?  Not even close to possible on the iPad Pro but a definite yes on the Surface Pro 4.  If the iPad Pro was running OSX El Capitan, then it might be a more apples-to-apples comparison.   But for now, I think Surface Pro 4 just leads the way with the iPad Pro still fair distance behind.  What do you think?

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