5 Reasons You Need a CRM

1.  There is no central location to find information about your customers

Everybody stores their own files in their own folders and their own email inbox.  The same is true for contact lists, sales brochures and documents.  Sales keeps their own files, Marketing has their own, Accounts has their own files as well.

2.  I can’t get work efficiently when I’m out of the office

Sales people are mobile.  They should have access to the same tools when they are on the road as when they are on their desks in the office.  Need access via a smart phone? Sure!

3.  When someone leaves, you start working with a customer from scratch

Even with a proper turn-over of accounts, you really can’t really get the history of your customer.  You lose time trying to understand what has happened with a customer and their preferences.

4.  You don’t know what happened the last time someone spoke to the customer

It also becomes difficult to get the latest information with working with a customer.

5.  You don’t know if people are even looking at your email marketing campaigns

You spend a lot of money on marketing but you really don’t know how effective they are.   There is no sense of how well your marketing efforts are converted to sales.  Are they going to your website?  Are customers buying the products you are promoting?  No one can’t seem to answer those questions.

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