March 7, 2017

Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS

Tasklet factory is a full-featured Mobile WMS for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, providing for the optimisation of your warehouse processes and an increase in productivity.
Eagle360 Consulting are proud partners of Tasklet Factory and we have extensive experience with the product. We have implemented Tasklet WMS in companies of all sizes – from those that handle 100 units a day to those that handle over 100,000 units a day. Tasklet factory has proven in all cases to be reliable and efficient with seamless integration to Dynamics NAV which is cost effective for our customers.



  • Offline functionality
    Key functions can be performed without a network connection – providing a fast and stable solution.
  • Full integration
    The solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • User friendly
    Minimal training is required for users to master the software.
  • Reduce errors and eliminate paperwork
    Fully automated mobile solution.
  • Adaptable and easy to customise according to your needs
    Like Microsoft Dynamics NAV itself, the solution may be easily customised.








Eagle360 Consulting have extensive experience in working with mobile WMS and implementing Tasklet Factory.
Contact us for further information.

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