E-Commerce solutions

Eagle360 Consulting have a strong track-record of delivering scalable E-Commerce solutions. While we specialise in sites that are integrated with Microsoft Dynamics systems, we also provide stand-alone solutions, and integrations with other ERP software.

We offer custom-built sites, as well as solutions based on Magento and nopCommerce.

Features of our integrated solution :

  • Product catalogue synchronised from Dynamics
  • Stock on hand
  • Automated sales order creation and order updates
  • Account details on the web - Statements, Invoices, Credit Notes


Eagle360 offers a specialised full implementation service.

We do a holistic overview of your business, starting with your software needs, but also encompassing your wider company goals and the future of your particular industry. Based on this analysis, we'll advise you on a solution that takes into account not just your current business needs but those you'll encounter in the future as well.

Implementation can take between one and six months, and we can ensure the software is fully integrated into your existing systems. And it doesn't stop there. We provide ongoing support, and can advise on future solutions as you require them.

Finally, we also offer a range of cybersecurity services to ensure that your business - including your Microsoft Dynamics software - is fully protected from any external threats. This is all part of the holistic approach that we believe is so integral to the successful implementation of business intelligence systems.

For more information on how Eagle 360 can help your business see success, contact us today.

For more information on how Eagle360 can help your business see success, contact us today.