Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a new release from Microsoft and brings together their cloud offerings in CRM, ERP, BI and business productivity into a single product, with all elements seamlessly integrated.

The product allows you to start with the modules that you need, and add additional features as you grow.

A familiar user experience is provided, and mobile Apps are available for download on iOS, Android and Windows – allowing users to work with the product wherever they are.   The complete integration between the modules means that users will not need to switch between applications to complete common tasks, increasing productivity.

Microsoft Flow, part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering, allows for the automation of tasks across all modules.   Flow automation can be achieved with a simple drag-and-drop visual designer, eliminating the need for dedicated software development resources for most changes required.

The Dynamics 365 platform introduces many new features enabled by Microsoft’s extensive investment in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  These include a “Relationships Assistant” for sales – built on the “Cortana Intelligence Suite”, and “Insights”.

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