Dynamics CRM 2016 Is Now Available

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 has been released!  This next generation release highlights Microsoft’s commitment to the product.  Dynamics CRM 2016 Online together with Office 365 and Power BI brings a sales productivity solution that is unmatched in the industry.  Managing customer relationships does not get easier and allows users to get up-to-date information no matter where they[…]

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is here!!

Microsoft have announced the release of Dynamics NAV 2016 at the 2015 Partner Conference. The new features include tigher integration to Microsoft CRM, out of the box integrated Power BI and a “cloud” ready integrated suite (With Azure and Office 365). We believe this is a great step towards having a single unified product to support[…]

Microsoft Introduces Dynamics NAV Managed Service for Partners

After the launch of Dynamics NAV 2016, Microsoft has announced a Dynamics NAV cloud-hosted, managed service offering for partners. This gives partners that capability to provide a multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service solution running on Microsoft Azure. Some of the highlights of the offering from Microsoft include: Streamlined administration Simplified operations All the benefits of Microsoft Azure And[…]

Customizing Dynamics NAV 2016 Using Extensions

It had always been difficult for both customers and solution providers to manage customizations that have been implemented to make Dynamics NAV fit better into an organization’s business.  Keeping up to date with and upgrading to the most current version of Dynamics NAV becomes an issue, for example.  Testing and ensuring customisations work as intended[…]

Surface Pro 4 Vs iPad Pro

The tablet-notebook devices getting segment has gotten hotter with the launch of the iPad pro which appears to be directly aimed at Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4.  Microsoft was ground-breaking when they launched the Surface Pro with that keyboard cover and now it looks like Apple wants a slice of that pie. Let’s do a quick[…]

7 Reasons for Moving to the Cloud

1.  No capital expenses Given that businesses always keep a close eye on spending, it’s never easy to have new IT hardware purchases approved.  Moving to the cloud can eliminate bureaucracy.  Financial managers need to budget asset purchases and these typically pass through a few people to get approved. Cloud services are a utility and[…]

Cloud Solutions

Cyber-Eagle’s Cloud Solutions gives you the freedom to focus more on your business and less on the “nuts and bolts” that run your applications.  We provide a flexible platform that will cater to the demands of your organisation.  Need more storage or need processing power?  Easy. A new employee has joined and you need new licenses?[…]