Microsoft Flow Now Available

Microsoft has recently announced the general availability of “Flow”.  “Flow” allows for the creation  of workflows to automate tasks across applications and platforms – with support for many services provided out of the box, providing simple configuration.   There are more than 60 listed by Microsoft – and include Salesforce, DropBox, Dynamics365 and Jira.  On premise[…]

Microsoft PowerApps Released

After being in preview for 6 months, “Microsoft PowerApps” has now reached “General Availability”.    The solution makes it easy to create Apps without writing code, or requiring complex deployments.   App development is undertaken with a simple drag-and-drop interface – and allows for simple connection to many SAAS platforms.   This includes not just those from[…]

Will Microsoft win the Cloud ERP/CRM price war?

Microsoft’s impending price war with Salesforce and Netsuite over ERP and CRM cloud offerings will be a great opportunity for new customers looking to move move their businesses to the cloud. With the leaking of Microsoft’s Pricelist for Dynamics 365 it looks like Microsoft are certainly taking the challenge to Salesforce with their new offerings[…]

Microsoft cloud focus pays off

A testament to Satya Nadellas leadership Microsoft’s shares have grown from $37 when he took over from Steve Balmer to over $60. Microsoft have indeed become cool again both in business and at home. Looking forward to the next wave of product releases in the coming year.